Robert Martin Hitchcock Mid-Term March 27, 1999 Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, this is the basis for many films. Society is wholeheartedly wrapped up in their lives so that to come to a dark theater for an hour or two is the closest thing to adventure or excitement that most individuals will incur. We long so terribly for an outlet to our sometimes dismal routines that our on screen relationships are enough to satisfy many of our desires. Alfred Hitchcock understood this desire and nourished on many occasions. Hitchcock’s intent was to grasp the audience in a way so too cause them to think and react with the same courage as the hero. Whether it be a exciting escape or a quirky relationship our concerns were placed with the main character. Without our compassion there is no conflict. If we have no caring for the character the his actions are lost on us. Such scenarios are never more evident than in “The 39 steps” and “The Lady Vanishes”. Both provide us with a male hero who is no different than us and places him in a domino of events that transform him into a hero. The idea behind this is that these men are not secret agents or military individuals. They have no formal training in such situations so that there endeavors are purely instinctual. This is the major cause for Hitchcock’s wrong man scenario being so enthralling, it is thought that this could be me. Richard Hanny is simply a man who happened along a woman who was involved in a serious criminal syndicate. His thoughts when meeting her are only that she was a beautiful woman whom he could spend some time with. Even after her disclosure of true self he is unfazed and simply brushes it aside. It is not until her untimely death that he makes the conscious decision to leap with both feet into the game. Hitchcock shows on the early scene on the train that Hanny has not quite realized what he has fell into. Hi…

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