Homosexuality vs Homosociality

Writing GuidelinesYou need to remember first and foremost that the analyses you are writing for this course in literature are critical in nature: it?s a matter of applying a particular methodology (dictated by the question you use ? in most cases for this course, historical or structural) to a literary text. Your writing must be formal: you will use literary English, which means: no colloquial informal, conversational language; proper sentence and paragraph structure; a logical transition from one paragraph to the next; each paragraph adds a new element toward asking the question you have articulated (usually in the first paragraph); proper spelling; proper usage (of pronouns, verb tenses, syntax, etc.)? In short, your writing must use literary language.Make sure you?ve announced the topic you will be addressing in the first paragraph. Do not simply repeat the question I have asked; rather, incorporate that question, in your own words, into a formulation that demonstrates you?ve already come to an answer and that you?re going to display for your reader how you got to that answer. Remember: it?s not the actual answer; it?s the way you got to the answer that makes for a good interpretation. This is not a surprise game: don?t wait until the last paragraph to present a ?ta-da!? kind of conclusion. So, you should announce your argument as a combination of the question and your answer, saying what elements you?ll be using to prove your answer.Every paragraph will need to address some element of the answer and the method you used to reach that answer. Similar to short story style, your every word should speak to the answer. You should have no extraneous arguments, no irrelevant digressions, no unnecessary sentences.Use spell-check; it is your friend. However, it is only a partial tool, because all it tells you is whether the words you?ve used are to found in a standard English dictionary. It does not tell you whether you?ve used these words correctly. The grammar check will help you with verbs and some conjunctions and some pronouns, but it is a most imperfect tool; use your knowledge of English grammar to determine whether your sentences are grammatically correct.PROOFREAD!! You should never submit any work you haven?t proofread at least once, and twice is better. If you find you?ve had to make several changes as you proofread, you should do another proofing that would, then, be as though it were the first and continue accordingly. Because every change you make will probably cause other elements of the preceding or following sentence to change, you can never be sure the result is logical and clear unless you reread it after your changes.

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