Hospitality Industry is Disperate by Nature

By nature, the state of existence for the hospitality industry is different in any perspective you choose to approach it. Since humanities first existence we have sought oppurtunities to travel, lodge, recreate, and enduldge in diversified food services. Without hindrance, these four industries were forced to become different in any way you approach them. Either historically or economically these industries have undergone many changes from the beginning of the hospitality industry to the present. The hospitality industry is made up of four subcomponent industries. The larger segment is travel and toursim, and the other two are lodging and food service operations. Today the authoritive World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced that travel and toursim is the worlds largest industry, surpassing autos, steel, electronics, and agriculture. (Janiskee pg38) Recreation is a diverse industry, representing over $280 billion in expenditures each year. (Milman pg194) Food service is a major contributor to the hospitality industry, in that, it aids the travel and tourism sector. The lodging industry may be looked at as the back -bone to travel and tourism, generating $66.1 billion in sales, and accomodating the needs of the public. (Lattin pg165) Although travel as we know it had its beginning many centuries ago, traveling for pleasure is a relatively recent phenomenon. The first travelers were probably groups or bands of nomads in search of food, water, and shelter. Centuries ago, early Phoenicians toured in caravans throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean and participated in trade with a number of countries in Southeast Asia. The purpose for this early travel was almost 100 percent business. The invention of money by the Summerians allowed a much more higly developed system of trading. Much of the ealier travel was by water, because of the possibility of carying of wares, and the difficulties with foot-an…

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