Hospitality Management

INVENTORY EXERCISEAs the assistant to the executive housekeeper of a Hilton hotel in Austin, Texas, you have been asked to compile the linen inventory for the month of May, ascertain the loss (shrinkage) for the month and figure out the number of pieces to be ordered from the broker to bring up the par to four for each category. Sheets Pillowcases Bath towels Hand towelsBeginning inventory 750 780 1500 1450Purchased in May 100 200 50 75Physical inventory on 5/30 In guestroom 180 180 360 360 In laundry room 300 325 525 480 In floor closets 50 75 140 225 Under lock and key 80 50 180 190 Discarded 0 10 15 12The hotel has 102 rooms with one king-size bed each. You supply two bath towels per person, two pillowcases per bed, and four hand towels per room.

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