Hotel Accommodation

Hotel AccommodationManagement? Question b) ? Revenue management is important to hotels, analyse the benefits and drawbacks for the organisation, its employees and customers.(1000 words)? Essays must be written in essay format ? Introduction, main body, conclusion and? references.? You must answer the question? You must include relevant academic theory? All references must be in Harvard ConventionRecommended texts:Front OfficeEssential texts:Abbott, P. & Lewry, S. (1999) Front Office, 2nd edition, Oxford:Butterworth Heinemann.Baker, S., Bradley, P. & Huyton, J. (2000) Principles of Front OfficeOperations. London: Cassell.Bardi,J. (2010) Hotel Front Office Management, 5th edition, Hoboken:Wiley. (4th edition available as an ebook)Hayes, D.K. & Miller, A.A. (2011) Revenue management for theHospitality Industry, Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.Other texts:Bowie, D. and Buttle, F (2004) Hospitality Marketing An Introduction.Burlington: ElsevierDix, C. and Baird, C. (1998) Front Office. 4th edition, London: Pitman.Gray, W.S. and Liguori, S.C. (2003) Hotel and Motel Management andOperations, 4th edition, Upper Saddle River: Culinary & HospitalityIndustry Publications Services.Kotas, R. & Conlan, R. (2001) Hospitality Accounting, 5th edition,London: Thomson.Ismail, A. (2002) Front Office Operations and Management, CliftonPark: Delmar Cengage Learning.Tranter, K.A., Stuart-Hill, T. & Parker, J.(2009). An Introduction toRevenue Management for the Hospitality Industry ? Principles andPractices for the real World. Upper Saddle River: Pearson PrenticeHall.Walker, J.R. (2007) Introduction to Hospitality Management. 2nd edition, Hotel Accommodation Management ? September 2014 Page 12 of 39Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.Woods, R., Ninemeier, J., Hayes, D. & Austin, M. (2006) ProfessionalFront Office Management. Hoboken: Prentice Hall.Other learning resources (journals, databases, websites):There are many journals available in the library. Some you should readinclude:Caterer & HotelkeeperHotel Accommodation Management ? September 2014 Page 13 of 39Cornell QuarterlyHospitalityHotelsHotel (and Motel) Management (available on EBSCOhost)International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management(available on Emerald)!

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