how a bill becomes law

The way we get a bill passed though the House of Representatives is a maze of hearings and committee. In this paper I plan to get a bill on legalizing marijuana through the House. The bill Im introducing focuses the legalization for the use by Doctor for their patients for pain. And the need for doctors to be able to use every possible way to help their patients. The first thing is once I have the bill started I have to write a dear colleague letter where I tell other members of the House That my bill is to legalize marijuana for doctors use, Next in the letter I explained that this bill is necessary to make medical care better for all. Now I have to get more house members to co sponsors my bill. Once I have this I drop my bill in the hopper in front of the House. After this my bill be brought to the House of Representatives where the speaker of the house will assign the bill to a committee. In the committee my bill will go through many different changes. The first thing that happens in committee is that the bill goes to a sub-committee. This is where the real work begins. First as a sub committee we must decide weather my bill is going to even be discussed or thrown out right here. The bill will make it because members of the committee are friends from way back and the chair has little interest either way so this is a small one. This next step is the hard one the public hearings. My arguments will start by call the leading doctors in this field of research to try and help the other members of the committee to see what kinds of treatments can come from the use of marijuana. I will show how the use of marijuana can lessen the pain of an AIDs and cancer patients. For the more political side of this bill I will show that the National Cancer society and many other interest groups support it. Now the oppision to my bill will have its chance to speak to the committee and they will bring in there own experts. Afte…

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