How and Why diseases become resistant to antibiotics

How and Why diseases become resistant to antibioticsPaper instructions:Microbiology (BIOL 362) Paper Guidelines Due date: Dec 12, 2015Choose a topic or issue in the field of microbiology and write a paper which introduces the topic and summarizing some current developments in that field.Format? Length should be 6+ pages, not including references.? Pages may be single or double sided. Please staple or paper-clip your pages together.? Text should be double-spaced, using an easy to read font, maximum size 12 points.? Page margins must be 1? around (Microsoft word standard margins).References? A reference list must be included with your paper. This list should be provided at the end of your paper, and should begin on a new page.? Each reference should be cited within the text; you can either cite the reference in the text using the first author?s name followed by year of publication OR you can use numbers in parentheses throughout your text, with the number corresponding to the appropriate article in your reference list.? It is expected that you will utilize primary sources (peer-reviewed journal articles or reference books). Helpful websites for searching for primary sources include;? Science Direct or Academic Search Complete (Milne Library)? ? provides abstracts for most biological and medical journals; some full text articles are available? ? provides abstracts for articles in the 12 journals published by the American Society of Microbiology; articles older than 6 months are available with full text? Plagiarism, even due to lack of citations, will result in a ?0?.General Comments? Although this is not an English course, please use good grammar. Excessive typos and poor grammar is distracting to the reader, and make it more difficult to judge your work.? Your paper should be written in your own words. It is not acceptable to directly quote the work of others, even if indicated in quotation marks.? Browse through a microbiology textbook ? especially at topics we are not scheduled to cover in the course, or topics that we do not have time to cover in as much detail as the textbook provides (specific diseases, ecological relationships etc.); this may provide a convenient way to choose a topic.? It is better to dive deep into a topic than to do a broad, superficial survey.? This is a free-form paper, designed to allow you to pursue your own interests. Feel free to get creative and explore a topic which interests YOU. If you are having trouble selecting a topic you wish to cover please feel free to see me.!

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