How can we improve the pre-clinical development of drugs for stroke?

How can we improve the pre-clinical development of drugs for stroke?Oral Presentation. Requirements/Suggestions:*Title: Project Management/Drug Development Reform (give more specific title based on the main specific message of your presentation)*Structure: 1-Your understanding of the problem :>explain what are you talking about >what part of the problem (can be broad or narrow) >E.g. about antibiotics only, or rare diseases only, or There are many problems, but the development time is the most important >Your vision of the problem should be directly related to your way to solve it. So, do not describe development time as the main problem if you will be talking about reforming the cost/expenses.2- Your way to change it = REFORM>You can focus on 1-3 existing theories/models/approaches >You can modify or combine them >You can suggest your own theories/models/ways to solve your problem. !!! The problem should be already clearly described! (see #1.)Phrases to avoid:this should be changed, reformed more attention should be paid should be modified Above should be clear from 1st part of your presentation and now exactly explain how you will do this. Avoid using general words and terms; you should focus on a really practical approach,So, bring exact strategies, ideas, approaches.3- Your vision of the organization/system/company after the reform. ? really helps to crease #2. Everything that you put there should create some significant change that you can measure and describe.:

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