How do you experience work

Think about the jobs you have had, or think about the work of your olderrelatives or parents. How do you (and they) experience work? Listen to peopletalk about their jobs. Even considering their daily frustrations, do people likethe jobs they have, or is working purely a means to an end to enjoy other thingsabout life? Putting in time or earning bread is important, and will only belooked down upon by those who have plenty of bread anyway. But this is not a wayto experience work in a positive sense. For some, work is like a calling (fromwhich we get the word vocation). This way of experiencing work is notnecessarily found only among those people with fancy skills or education. Wethink people who have found their true vocation are the lucky ones. For themworking is a source of meaning in life and creativity. It is an intrinsicallyvaluable activity, and they would do something like it even if they were notpaid as much. We have heard several musicians and artists describe their work insuch terms as well as an older person who was fixing homes and churches in poorcommunities. But for him it was a rich and meaningful activity. Do you knowanyone who thinks about his or her work this way? In one- to two-pages, explainwhy you think this. Provide examples if appropriate.

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