how public and private police relate (pp11-14 4th ed pp 14-17 3th ed)

write a comment 4-6 sentences about YOUR VIEW of how public and private police relate (pp11-14 4th ed pp 14-17 3th ed)example1:One way they need each other is that private security police may have the money for the latest technology and resources that the publicpolice department may not have because of budget reasons. They could work together by sharing these resources.example 2 :I think the difference between private and public is that private means, for example, security guards for famous people, while public ispolice officers that protect the general public rather than one individual, one piece of private property, or one information system. Over the yearsprivate and pubic started to work together to both stop crime. While private Is for hire, public is government funded so some people think privatewill do a better job. I personally think private would be a better decision for specialized protection, while public is better for general communitypolicing.comment # 2: write 4-6 sentences about YOUR VIEW of the types of crime discussed by Ortmeier (pp 40-46 4th ed ? 44-51 3rd ed) that present the mostserious concern to security managers.example 1: in my opinion i believe that white collar crime is the most serious for concern. The would is ran off money, the more you have the morepower you have. People that are put in the higher positions cannot only cost the people million s of dollars but also the government. The governmentis already in enough debt and I?m pretty sure it doesn?t want to go into more. Are other crimes just as serious? Yes, i feel that street crime isalso on the rise and becoming a major threat because criminals are getting smarting in everything they do. So technically street and organized crimecan run hand in hand. Is all street crime thought out with a plan? No, but the ones that are usually the most effect when they have some sort of planto it.example 2: In the Ortmeier text a lot of crimes concern security manager, but the most important would have to be embezzlement and street crimes.They bring a lot of issues to the surface. Those two crimes alone are starting to take over and become a regular issue. Street crimes are anythingfrom murder to arson and they should be taking very serious. Embezzlement is on another level involving bring things from one place to anotherillegally. I would have to say they need to start being taken control of before something serious happens.comment #3: YOUR VIEW of why a security manager needs to be familiar with areas of law apart from criminal law (58-66 4th ed ? 65-74 3rd ed).example1: Security managers should be familiar with all areas of law. They should be familiar with tort laws because managers, professionals, andorganizations can be held civilly liable for the negligence of an employee. They should be familiar with contract laws because they will be a part ofnumerous contracts for security services. They should be familiar with administrative laws because they must be good administrators to do theirmissions. They should be familiar with property laws because they should be familiar with property rights and the legal consequences associated withpersonal and real property laws. They should be familiar with employment laws because they have employees and there are a lot of laws that come withhaving employees.example 2: Security managers should be familiar with all areas of the law due to the fact that they never know what they may come across one day.theyshould be familiar so that they can know in which matter to deal with these laws if it is to ever come across them. I am sure that some will comeacross numerous tort casescomment #4: Given his rather lengthy discussion of physical and technical security measures, YOUR VIEW of what Ortmeier means when he states:?People constitute the most significant protection resource.? (p. 103 4th ed ? 116 3rd ed)example 1:Because even if you use an alarm or video surveillance, that doesn?t stop the criminal from getting away. All you know is that somethinghappened and you might have it on video. If an actual person is there then the crime can be dealt with right then and there, and there would be lessof a chance that the criminal would get away.example 2: Video, photos, alarm systems are meant to deter criminal minds, not physically protect. They can come in handy as far as insurance claimsand court goes, but as to physical protection, people by far will always be the most significant protection resource.comment #5: YOUR VIEW of the difference between ethics and law and policy and what role does the maintenance of personnel integrity play in thepersonnel security area (pp. 123-128 4th ed ? 140-146 3rd ed).example 1:Ethics, law, and policy refer to the common standards that are written and have been determined law. Integrity is the personal belief thatsomeone has about a subject, law, or issues. Integrity can play a major park in how people view and feel towards certain laws and issues. Ethics,law, and policy are more clear cut in black and white and usually have no opinion.example 2:Ethics and law vary in the fact that ethics is a moral stand point and is not generally written as a plain rule, whereas law is a set wayrule and regulation and can only be changed in legislation. Ethics more so changes over time in society with the shifts of generations. As moregenerations shift there is a chance for slight change in Ethics. Personnel integrity plays a huge role because if a person morally is not well taughtthan many may suffer at the hands of a person with bad personnel integrity.comment #6 : YOUR VIEW of the current state of computer security efforts (pp. 143-153 4th ed ? 162-169 3rd ed).example 1:Computer security efforts right now are at the highest and getting only higher. With so many hackers and people become smarter as week asthe entire world relying soloing on computers there is a need for higher security. All kinds of firewalls, passwords, modules, and so many otherthings are sued for security efforts when it comes to computers. Are they all full proof? No, but people are getting smarter and so is technology.example 2:Efforts in computer security is an ongoing process and increasing efforts are being made to prevent such events such as computer hacking.With this in mind one only as to look back to last Christmas to the Target incident when hackers were able to get debit card numbers. With all theefforts being made it would appear that the hackers are one step of the security measures being taken.comment # 7: YOUR VIEW of how risk assessment and CPTED should be related (pp. 158-163 173-175 4th ed ? 177-180 193-195 3rd ed).example 1:They should be related because with risk assessment you take a look at the whole protective system and the pros and cons that come with it.While CPTED uses the community and building structure itself to prevent crime. Architecture, building codes, and defensible space play importantroles for CPTED to be successful. They both go hand in hand when you use risk assessment your also going to check out the building and other thingsso they go together.example 2: Risk assessment and CPTED should be related because risk assessment looks at the entire protective system in its entirety while CPTEDlooks at the facilities and communities surrounding it. By combining these two forces, you are providing a much more efficient way of preventing anddeterring crime.comment #8 : YOUR VIEW of how the distinction between public and private administration impacts public and private security efforts (pp. 177-179 4thed ? 199-200 3rd ed).example 1: it impacts security greatly because public administration has impartial and fair meaning all citizens are entitled to a particulargovernment service and must be treated in a uniform manner. It all revolves around serving the public because it is funded by the public. Whereasprivate administration is solely focused on fulfilling a private rather than public obligation or interest. It has more freedom in the hiring andfiring of employees because it is not bound by civil service rules.example 2:The distinction between public and private administration impacts both public and private security efforts greatly. Public administrationis over all general society while private security administration is paid for their services for select groups in society.comment #9: YOUR VIEW of the differences between investigations and intelligence operations.example 1 :An investigation is a response to a specific incident in which information is gathered and formed into a conclusion. Intelligence isgenerally non-specific and is gathered constantly. Intelligence information that is gleaned can either provide insight to past events, futurehappenings, or even held for future reference.example 2: n my opinion, Intelligence operation is more in depth than investigation. Investigation gathers information on a certain situation andanalyze and report it. Intelligence operation goes way more in depth in order to get far greater information whether it is on a certain situation oranother Country especiallythis is the book you gonna need to read from P.J. Ortmeier, Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, 4th ed., 2011 (Upper Saddle River,N.J.: Pearson).Order for a custom written PAPER now and one of our online writers will write your assignment from scratch within your deadline! Category: Essay Writing

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