How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live & Do Business

Take home assignment: Book Discuss (check for the help you need)ionSocialnomics ? How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live & Do BusinessThis take-home assignment contributes 10 points or 10% of your grade. I?d like you to read chapters 1-10 of Erik Qualman?s Socialnomics. I?m looking for a write-up of 3 pages (double spaced) with your responses to the following queries.Describe 3 ways in which social media platforms drive social commerce or e-commerce?In chapter 1, the author states that we no longer look for news, rather the news finds us. Please share an instance when pertinent information ?found you?. How might this have occurred or in other words how did the information target and reach you?Have you shared either negative or positive feedback on a product or service on a social platform? Which one and what followed? Further, did the product/service offer an opportunity to offer this feedback through a customer oriented social platform? If so, how did the company respond to your feedback?Describe 2 ways in which social media has changed the ways in which you communicate or interact with your friends and family? Do you consider these changes to be positive or negative and why?There are some people who say that Facebook has made them spend hours and hours of their lives, which they will never get back. Others insist that Facebook has been a time saver. Please write an example of how FB has been both a time killer as well as a time saver for you?What does the book mean by ?social graph??Do you have a LinkedIn Profile? If yes, how have you used LinkedIn to expand and cultivate your professional network? In what way are you using LinkedIn to market and position yourself? What tools does LinkedIn provide that would enhance your ability to look for a job once you graduate? For those of you who don?t have a LinkedIn profile, please create one and indicate what your plans would be to expand & cultivate your network, position yourself and use LinkedIn tools to land a job.No, I don?t have a Linkedln profileChapter 9 is titled ?Social Media Rolodex & Resources?. In order to become more intimately aware of these resources, pick 2 that are of interest to you. Conduct an Internet search on these digital thought leaders as well as the websites/brands that they?ve launched. Write a paragraph describing your findings and why you think the 2 resources would be of high interest to your classmates?On page 207 are listed some ?eye-opening statistics? related to social media use. Which 2 of these statistics came as the biggest surprises to you? Think of the product/service for which you are writing your marketing plan. How might the 2 findings affect your marketing strategies for your product?Rubric:Requirements for the assignment: In addition to handing in the assignment on time ? what I?m most interested in is a demonstration through your responses that you have thoroughly read and digested the information in the first half of the book under Discuss (check for the help you need)ion. There are no wrong answers but your responses should be to the point, grammatically correct, spell checked and as before, indicate that you have closely read the required chapters. Where some online research is required on your part, your answers should demonstrate that you have conducted in-depth online research and not just had a cursory look. As always, should you have any questions, please don?t hesitate to contact me. .

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