How to shoot free throws

How to Shoot Free Throws One of my favorite things to do is to play basketball. The thing that I am best at in basketball is shooting free throws. I think you will enjoy shooting free throws because it will give you a good feeling when you make it, and if you are a good free throw shooter, you should be able to use the focus and confidence involved in shooting in other activities. But to tell you the truth, shooting a free throw is more complex than many people think. I am sure everyone has watched a game from the side view and thought that the free throw line looked so close that a 6′ 6″ guy could practically reach out and dunk the ball. However, many things must go right to make it, and if even one thing goes wrong or feels uncomfortable, it throws the whole shot off. So if you are interested in becoming better, or you just want to try something new, you should pay attention to these steps when shooting a free throw. The first thing you must do is step up to the free throw line. If you are in a game, the referee will now give you the ball, but if you are alone or are just messing around, then you will start the process with the ball already in your hand. If you are on a real basketball court, there will be a little dot that indicates the center of the free throw line. However, if you are on an outside court, just imagine where the center is. If you are right-handed, you must line up your right foot with the dot, and if you are left-handed, line up your left foot. Once you have done that, you now put your other foot down in a position so your legs are shoulder width apart. You can place your feet straight across from each other, or if that feels uncomfortable, place the right foot ahead of the other one a little bit if you are right-handed, or just the opposite if you are left-handed. You are now ready for the creative part of free throw shooting. At this point, you are able to make up your own unique routine …

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