how to win any woman

Matthew Eizenga 349-72-5161 Human Sexuality 9:35 T-TH Win over any woman is a rulebook for scoring with woman. And it was definitely written from a male perspective. It teaches men to always work a room in tandems; that is when you and your friend(s) are inseparable or put on a show that you are. Also, Maxix Magazine teaches you to never approach a girls night out, youre just asking to be shot down. The article can help even the most helpless man have a chance to get a woman with all of the helpful tips therein. Win over any woman, says that any man can get laid if they use their brains for a change and not just their *censored* when they are at the clubs. Sure we would all like it to be taken to that level, using the *censored* I mean, but when focusing on that to start it is a sure fire way to find yourself by yourself again. Any man who thinks that they need to know more and doesnt want to go out and buy the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex, should read this article because it has lots of pictures and its easy to read, for those men who dont want to spend months at a time trying to get some. The article was, by all means was written for men, although women would be very interested in reading it because it would help them pick out the shmucks in the bars and clubs. The article tends towards men because it was written for Maxim Magazine readers who are predominately men. And since Maxim Magazine is the Sex, Sports, Beer, Gadgets, Clothing, Fitness, and Best thing to happen to men since women, If you put two and two together you too would have came up with the fact that it was written for a man. The only way that this could be rewritten for women is by taking the entire article and trashing it, then starting brand new and taking everything from a womens perspective, everything from entering the room and looking like the *censored* to pretending youre an international women of mystery….

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