Human Communication

Human CommunicationPaper instructions:Rosenstiel, T. (2010, September 12). A new phase in our digital lives. The Pew Research Center?s Project for Excellence in Journalism. this assignment, you will choose one form of computer or electronic mediated communication, such as cellphone calls, testing via short messaging systems (SMS), Skype, teleconferencing, Facebook, Twitter, or blogs and compare it with face-to-face communication. You will write a paper that answers the following:Are the modes media rich or media deficient?Can they be used synchronously, asynchronously or both?How much anonymity or pseudo anonymity is available with each type?In which situations would the communication mode you chose be advantageous; in which situations would it be disadvantageous?What social advantage does each offer?How does each affect the development of an identity?Support your paper with at least three scholarly resources.!

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