Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR)Project description1-Share one HR function that you would automate and explain why. What value would that automationbring to the HR department as well as to the business from a strategic standpoint? Be thorough in yourvalidation to automate.2- HRIS applications are a fact of life for most HR offices, so it?s important to understand the impact ofautomation on each area of HR. The tough decision is what to automate and what not to automate. Forthe most part, I am a fan of automating applicant tracking, performance reviews, open enrollment forbenefit plans, and repetitive training. I am not a fan of trying to automate change management,employee relations, leadership development, or compliance. Your thoughts?3-What are some pitfalls of empowering employees too early (say with Employee Self Service)? What isyour reasoning?4-Based on your text and supplemental readings, what are some of the potential problems associatedwith employee self-service? After sharing some problems facing self-service, how would you addressthose problems? What is your professional opinion related to management self-service, where managershave access to more employee information through HRIS systems?5-Does the web present problems for employee self-service applications?Find an article on this subject and provide a summary of the article, including the web address.6-In today?s technology-driven age, would the lack of HR automation be frowned upon? Does technologyalways mean ?better??!

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