Humanitarian Intervention:

Humanitarian Intervention: ? Theoretical Components will be based on the liberal views and whether their theoretical evaluations stand for or against a right of humanitarian intervention. Also taken into consideration would be: the social, political and legal changes brought by the end of the Cold War, which affected the notion of humanitarian intervention and broadened its implications as well as the state practice since 1990, which form actual reasons, ? Empirical components ? A case study of Rwanda Genocide will be used. It should link to the theory component.Introduction ? 500 words Methodology- 1,300 words Literature Review ? 1750 words Main body- 3000 to 3500 words Conclusion ? 500 wordsFor the main body it vital that, it is contsructed in short sharp and concise paragraphsThe introduction of the essay (500 words) sets out the position tha:

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