Film Critique The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo was trying to say about the main character, Quazi Motto, that looks have nothing to do with personality and how well they should be liked. Quazi Motto was quite unattractive physically but his personality was one of greatness, and his intentions were always good. Womens issues were depicted through the gypsy girl. When she spoke out in public in support of Quazi Motto, she was shunned against as though it were a sin. People then wanted her arrested just for standing up for someone elses human rights. The more aristocratic people in the story didnt like any gypsys, but especially not Ezmerelda since she stood up for Quazi and since she was a woman.. Quazi Mottos mother was also taken advantage of. Since she was a poor woman, she was accused of stealing bread when she was simply trying to protect her baby. Even if they knew that was simply what she was trying to do, they still would have taken the baby and arrested her. Prejudice, race, and cultural differences are shown in the film by having gypsies, peasants, religious icons, and aristocratic people all interacting. The film made it obvious that anyone without much money was discriminated against and would be blamed for any problems occurring within society. The peasants and gypsies simply did what they could to survive and werent harming anyone, but the aristocrats would blame all mishaps on them and were always wishing them ill. The religious icons were there to try to protect the peasants and gypsies but the aristocrats wouldnt stop at anyones command but their own. Romance is woven throughout the film between Ezmerelda and the Captain and Ezmerelda and Quazi Motto. It was unacceptable for the Captain and Ezmerelda to have a relationship because him being of aristocracy was expected to be against gypsies. It was also unacceptable for Ezmerelda and Quazi to have a rel…

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