I have no idea 1.Is it ethical to sell a product that is at best Essay Help

1.Is it ethical to sell a product that is at best only mildly effective? Discuss. Product? Discuss. ANS: Selling a product that at its best mildly works is ethical because the product does work. The issue that persons are having is that it varies in effectiveness per person. 2.Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and values to promote a product? Discuss. ANS: I believe that is it perfectly correct to exploit culturally values norms. Marketers depend on cultural values and norms to market products. It is through the understanding of the markets culture and values thatI have no idea companies better understand the customers? needs. 3.Is the advertising of Fair & Lovely demeaning to women or is it promoting the fairness cream in a way not too dissimilar from how most cosmetics are promoted? ANS: Fair and lovely has taken advantage f the position that cosmetic companies promote. Cosmetic companies promote that women are imperfect and perfection can be achieved through their products. Fair and lovely has epitomized this through their campaigns 4.Will HLL?s Fair & Lovely Foundation be enough to counter charges made by AIDWA? Discuss. ANS: The product still has acceptance in the Indian market so it may be that the foundation has been effective. The foundation also does a great job in countering the believe that the product demeans women by empowering them. 5.In light of AIDWA?s charges how would you suggest Fair & Lovely promote its product? Discuss. Would your response be different if Fairever continued to use fairness? as a theme of its promotion? Discuss. ANS: In light of AIDWA?s response I recommend that Fair & Lovely promote the product without using fairness as the theme. If they do continue to use fairness as a campaign they should alter the perception of fairness as not being light skinned but representing toned and healthy skin. 6.Propose a promotion/marketing program that will counter all the arguments and charges against Fair & Lovely and be an effective program. ANS: I propose that a simple change in the promotion from advocating for fairer skin towards healthier toned skin can relieve the pressure being faced by the company. How can they go about this campaign? Fair and Lovely should launch a campaign promoting that beauty is not only fair but dark also. This campaign should headline women of varying skin tone shapes and sizes using the product not to change their skin tone but enhancing their own skin tone. 7.Now that a male market for fairness cream exists is the strength of AIDWA?s argument weakened? ANS: Male market for fairness cream does in essence weaken the argument that fairness cream is demeaning to women. However it can strengthen the argument that the company has widen its grip on exploiting cultural norm and values by advocating for universal fairness? of both males and females. 8.Comment on using Shakti Ammas? to introduce fairness cream for the masses? in light of AIDWA?s charges. ANS: Fair and Lovely is responding to the demand of the market. In spite of the claims of AIDWA the market is still demanding the product. AIDWA may need to to attack the culture vs. attacking the company. 9. Listen to In India Skin-Whitening”

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