iconic oil and temprea painting

Hind site is always 20/20. Looking back on history, especially the history of painting, one can decipher a great deal about the time it was painted in and the changes in those times. One can understand the value systems, the ethics, government, morality, economics and personal lives of the times reflected in paintings. Periods of art change to what the society demands at the time. The renaissance literally means the rebirth. The rebirth of antiquity, the rebirth of God (the Catholic Church), and the rebirth of man. The renaissance was such a sweeping artistic and social revolution that it is understandable how painting styles changed so rapidly and how the new painting styles were direct reflections of the times. The rebirth of antiquity in the renaissance, gave focus to ancient Greek and Roman life which was deemed noble and venerable. The influence of antiquity, the new birth came directly from the civilization of Greece and Rome. Artistically they chose to represent them selves with sculptures and architecture, which reflected the ancient cultures they held in such high regard. Greek and Roman histories were chosen to be basis of society in 14th century Italian life. As culture moved away from the Middle Ages it attempted to understand the physical and intellectual world. But more so it needed a spiritual guide. Antiquity changed art and society because now a place was held for the saints and heroes of Christianity. Paintings now held religious significance and were considered art as well as something to be practiced in every day life. The classical Antiquity revealed in the 14th century demonstrates the new emphasis on the Catholic church, which directly related to civic life. The society as a whole was drastically changing making a move to a life dependent on the morals and ethics of Christianity. The morals shown in the paintings and sculptures were not only art works but lessons and measuring sticks on how the modern…

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