IFP Business Studies

IFP Business StudiesYou have been approached by a younger member of your family in your home country who has just been accepted for the QMUL IFP Course starting in September this year. She (or he) is looking for some advice and help in choosing their options and planning their way forward to joining the course. You have agreed to produce a detailed plan to help her towards a successful introduction to the course.The following notes apply:1. The word limit for the essay is 2000 words. Do NOT exceed this word count. Be guided by the word count on the word processor.2. Write the essay in the third person. For example, use ?it is recommended ?.? and not ?I recommend that you ?. ?3. The essayshould include a? work break down structure ?for the project together with a network diagram and a GANTT chart showing the critical path. Objectives should be SMART!4. Diagrams and charts can be hand drawn and scanned into the essay. (This saves the word count too!)5. An expected monthly cash flow statement showing the likely flows of cash required. All cash should be shown in Pounds Sterling.6. Some advice on the choices to be made in the IFP(forexample modules to choose, where to live, eat and socialise).

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