Immigration is amoung the most compelling issues with which we as a country are faced. The overwhelming amount of human smuggling has set focus on the immigration laws in Canada. Canadian immigration laws have been under fire by many protest groups who feel the laws are both racist and sexist. The issues surrounding the work in which immigrant women are restricted to has become quite a topic of argument. Historically immigration laws were extremely racist and sexist orientated. It is claimed that the current immigration law is both non- biased and fair, however there are many immigrants and Canadian citizens that would strongly disagree. The media itself plays a huge role in how people form their views regarding immigration. Many are confident that immigration promotes economic growth and keeps Canada internationally competitive. However, there are others who express concern about the impact in which immigration and citizenship policies are having upon the values and traditions that form the foundation of Canadian society. Immigration laws have become a very significant issue in Canadian society today. There is much controversy over the process in which immigrants must undergo before being granted Canadian citizenship. The increasing requirements for skilled workers, education entry level, language requirements etc., are being seen as racist proposals for those who are trying to enter the country. There are three basic categories immigrants can fall under; (1) Independent – selected for their economic contribution, including skilled workers and business immigrants. (2) Refugees – includes Convention refugees and other displaced persons resettled from abroad, with government assistance or private sponsorship, and persons who have successfully claimed Convention refugee status in Canada. (3) Family – close family members sponsored by a Canadian citizen or resident, including spouses, fiances, …

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