Impact of Globalization on the Value Chain

The growth in global sourcing and supply often levels the playing field for adding worldwide value. Companies need at least to consider, if not implement, global value chains as their predominant mode of business. The reality of globalization and the accompanying increase in competition has forced most companies into making efficient gains. Value chain structures are essentially virtual organizations with flexibility to meet changes in customer value expectation and in the way in which value is deliveredRequired Reference Materials (Kaplan Library)Be sure to apply and cite at least these three resources both within the response and at the end of the response (using APA formatting):1.Dedrick, J., Kraemer, K. L., & Linden, G. (2010). Who profits from innovation in global value chains? A study of the iPod and notebook PCs. Industrial and Corporate Change, 19(1), 81-116.2.Gereffi, G., Humphrey, J., & Sturgeon, T. (2005). The governance of global value chains. Review of International Political Economy, 12(1), 78-104.3.Lund-Thomsen, P., & Nadvi, K. (2010). Global value chains, local collective action and corporate social responsibility: A review of empirical evidence. Business Strategy and the Environment, 19(1), 1-13.Access library through KU Campus Portal. Select tab called Find Articles & E-Books> scroll down to section called Searchable Article & Report Collection Link > select Business Source Complete>Search by article name, author, etc.)The main purpose of this discussion assignment is for you to evaluate the impact of globalization on the value chain based upon your own experience and the knowledge you gained from reading the above-required resources.Support and justify your evaluation of the impact of globalization on the value chain by including information related to:1.Competitive advantage considerations2.Corporate social responsibility considerations3.Cultural considerations4.Financial considerations5.Human resource considerations6.Political and economic considerations and7.Technological considerations.As a reminder, support your responses by applying and citing at least the three required resources. References should be formatted using APA for both in-text citation within the response and when listing the references at the end of the response.

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