Impacts of mobile phone Essay Help

Mobile phones being one of the most successful inventions of the twentieth century has become a necessity in today?s world as the world is living in an electronic age where it has given birth to globalisation. The latest mobile phones consist of different functions such as surfing the internet or playing musicit is still mainly used as a form of communication which can be used anywhere at anytime. This is due to the fact that it has a unique networked system which needs no wiringfixation or botheration. As our modern day societytheImpacts of mobile phone constant use of mobile phones have brought us a point where it is almost impossible for us to imagine our day-to-day life without it. Our society is oblivious to how much we depend on the use of mobile phones but we only realise that we need it in all spheres of our lives . It plays an important role in our lives especially around people we love especially our family . As a form of communicationit has brought us closer to our family in certain ways but yet it has also cause a disruption in family relationships. This essay will elaborate more on the how a mobile phone has both positive as well as a negative impacts in the relationship of a family. This modern gadget has done a massive impact on our relationships especially family life. It has facilitate communication and help us keep in touch with our family even when not being physically together. In addition to thatit has allowed frequent and spontaneous communication between family members which causes an increase in people?s capacity to maintain emotional intimacy among themselves. Not only thatparents are able to know how their child is doing if they?re studying abroad. At least they would have a peace of mind knowing that their child is safe and that their child is just a quick phone call away from them. They can also feel better knowing that their child can either contact them or the authorities in cases of emergency. Howeverwhen mobile phones are used excessively it will limit the time a person interacts with their family members physically as they tend to become oblivious of the surrounding especially people around them. This is due to being fixated on constantly checking for text messagesemails and chats as well as playing games and music. When these family interaction become limitedthe family members tend to forget the importance of communicating with one another causing them to lose personal contact and listening skills which is essential in building a strong relationship with one another. In additionparents complain about their children not answering their mobile phones. This causes the parent to feel frustrated and will eventually lose trust towards their child. To sum up it will increase distress and cause a steep decrease in family satisfaction. In conclusionmobile phones have its own positive impact as a strong communication device which makes family interaction between one another easier especially when family members are far away from each other. But if we wary and slither into dependency on communicating with our family using a mobile phonethen in the future people will lose their ability to have a conversation and how they interact with each family member. This will open up a Pandora?s boxwith timeit gets worse resulting in conflicts not resolved and non of the family members know much about each other. Since mobile phones have both positive and negative impacts we have to figure out ways of how mobile phones can enhance humanity and not degrade it.”

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