Impacts of the Tech Act

Impacts of the Tech ActProject descriptionImpacts of the Tech ActThe Assistive Technology Act (also referred to as the Tech Act) has increasingly become a major legislative function of inclusive education. Use your course text and two scholarly articles in theAshford University Library to read and review information about the Assistive Technology Act.Visit Screenr and in one or two recordings limited to five minute each:a.Provide a description of the Assistive Technology Act and its impact on the field of education.b.Assess the current state of the Assistive Technology Act and what influences the act is having on students with disabilities.c.Explain your position on fostering assistive technology to provide full inclusion of students with disabilities in education, employment, daily activities, and in their communities.d.Evaluate how the Assistive Technology Act will impact changes to your teaching and learning.The presentation must include passages of the Act that you reference and any examples that would strengthen the Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the topics. Be certain to include the links and a writtentranscript of each video you create. For assistance with using Screenr, please view the Quick-Start Guide. s

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