Implementation Mind-Set

Implementation Mind-SetSetting the stage for long-term relationship=>value creatingBrainstorm and discuss implementation problems 12-months down the roadHelp the other party think through the dealBoth sides must support the dealCommunicate a consistent message to the implementation teamPlanning for NegotiationsUnderstanding of the negotiations processFormulation of goals (Important tounimportant)Identify BATNAResearch to support arguments and defend your goalsKnowledge of other party?s; goals, strategy to reach desire outcome, BATNAKey terms in NegotiationsOpening statements sets the bargaining rangeNegotiation termsCommon Understanding? Negotiators can not unilaterally supply their own definitionRelationships in NegotiationsNegotiations relationships are characterized as:1) Independent2) Dependent3) InterdependentdependanceInterdependent requires that both sides work together to achieve their preferred outcomesIndependent goals may be achieved without the help of the other partyDependent goals rely on the other partyto achieve the outcomeMutual Adjustment Give-and-TakeInformation is the life blood of negotiationsOpening statementsDefend, critique, give-and-take, then concessionAdjustments are intended to influence the position of the other partyHow much of the truth to tell the other side?Optimize the outcomes for both sidesInformal ProbabilityProbability is a number between 0 and 1.A number close to 0 means ?not likely?A number close to 1 means ?quite likely?Probability is based on Expert opinion and past historyValue CreationDifference in InterestDifferences in Judgments about the FutureDifferences in Risk ToleranceDifferences in Time PreferenceCreate value from Interest-in-commonConflictConflict is the sharp disagreement or opposition, as of interest, ideas and includes ?the perceived divergence of interest, or a belief that the party?s current aspirations cannot be achieved simultaneously?Conflict Results from ?the interaction of interdependent people who perceived incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals?Levels of conflictIntrapersonalInterpersonalIntragroupIntergroupDestructive ConflictCompetitive, win-loseMisperception and biasEmotionsPoor communicationsBlurred issuesRigid commitmentsMagnified differences, minimized similaritiesEscalation of the conflictPublic positionBenefits of ConflictCreates incentives to try to solve the underlying problemDraws attention to critical issuesDiscussions and problem solvingKnowledge and understandingPersonal developmentTake another lookConflict ManagementFive key points:1) Contending2) Yielding3) Inaction4) Problem solving5) CompromisingWhen Shouldn?t You Negotiate;When you?d lose the farmWhen you?re sold outWhen you don?t careWhen you don?t have timeWhen they act in bad faithWhen waiting would improve your positionWhen you?re not prepared!

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