Importance of food as a characterOrder DescriptionAddress the following in a well-developed and documented essay in a MINIMUM OF 3-4 FULL, DOUBLE-SPACED, TYPED PAGES:We have both read Dinsen?s ?Babette?s Feast? and watched the film adaptation of the story. For this second essay, you will be making an argument about which medium is better able to convey the importance of food as a character. You need to formulate an argumentative thesis. Be sure that your thesis is narrow enough to be explored and supported in a 3-4 page essay. You will need to use evidence from the primary texts in your essay as well as at least one scholarly secondary source.The correctness of your essay STRUCTURE is important. You will need to write an appropriate introduction, a clear thesis statement, a well-developed body, an appropriate conclusion, and a works cited page. Remember to use MLA FORMAT for all of your documentation needs.The completeness of your understanding of USING TEXTS TO SUPPORT AN ARGUMENT is important. You will illustrate your understanding by fully and clearly using the text you have chosen to develop your essay, CONNECTING your support directly to your thesis.

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