In economic history there have been many great Economists who haveResearch and Essay Help

In economic history there have been many great Economists who have developed theories, concepts and ideas which have improved our economy to a great degree. Below are five very influential and important economists: Irving Fisher Milton Friedman Friedrich A Hayek John M. Keynes Adam Smith I tried to include a diverse group so at least one will spark your interest. Please look at the Wikipedia link to get some brief information on them, but use Wikipedia only as a starting point in your research and DO NOT include Wikipedia as a reference in your papers. Wikipedia is a great place for information, but should not be used as a source in academic writing. The issue is that anyone can edit it so please use this only as a starting point. If for some reason you would rather write about another economist you can, but you must email the person of your choice and your reason for the selection by the end of Unit 3 for approval. Please discuss the different economic theories of the person of your choice. Why are they important? Have they helped or hurt our economy? If they were alive today, what do you think he would suggest as an economic plan for our economy? Would they agree or disagree with the current policies? You must use APA and include the following in your paper: Cover page, Thesis Statement (included in the introduction and typically the last sentence of the introduction), Body of paper, Conclusion, Reference Page (NOT a works cited or bibliography as this is APA).

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