In House Pollution

Introduction The phrase House isnt a strange thing for us. Everyone in the earth wish to has his or her own house to live in. People use their house for shelter and a place to sleep, cook, bath, relax and many more. Whats the most important is that they could spend their time with their families. Nowadays, most people are aware that outdoor pollution can damage their health but may not know that indoor pollution can also have significant effects. For example of air pollution, studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and occasion more than 100 times, higher than outdoor levels. These levels of indoor pollutants are of particular concern because it is estimated that most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. This indicates that our house is not pollution free at all. Besides air, therere also water pollution, chemical pollution, microorganisms, the most common smoke pollution and lots more. These pollutions might be in the dining hall, kitchen, our rooms etc. Garbage, hair spray, kitchen cleaner, insect killer etc was the main source of indoor pollution. Just as we are now trying to reduce the outdoor pollution, we can also reduce the pollution inside the house. Remember that most of the things start from zero; just like if we want a pollution free world, we must start from our house. …

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