In the 1930s, the United State

In the 1930s, the United States government decided to put people to work. One of the most amazing things thatsome of these people did was to travel around the country and interview former slaves.The WPA (Works Project Administration) slave narratives give us a window into the lives of some of the last menand women who were alive at the time who still remembered slavery. As you will see in reading the narratives,they do not always stay focused on slavery, but many times turn to complain about their lives in the 1930s. Youwill also notice that some of them say slave days were great. Take this with a grain of salt when you see it.While some of them may have enjoyed slavery, this was said in front of a white plantation owner who was usually atthe interview. It was also said in the darkest days of the Great Depression.using the following link a traditional essay that explains what life was like for at least ten former slaves including how they weretreated, their memory of parents or other family, their thoughts at freedom.

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