In this assignment you will se

In this assignment you will select, describe, and reflect on a city master plan. A master plan is at times referred to (with slight difference in focus and intent) a comprehensive plan, vision plan, a framework plan, a town plan, etc The Methodology for the essay includes :What is the main focus of the plan (location/jurisdiction; timeframe; organization(s) that developed the plan, etc.)? ? What propelled or motivates the development of this plan? Was it a legal requirement? An initiative to manage change? An attempt to resolve current urban problems? ? What, in summary, are the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the plan about? ? What are the plan?s main components or elements (land use, zoning, housing, infrastructure, facilities, etc.)? ? Who are the main stakeholders of the plan? ? Who actually participated or contributed to producing the plan? ? Did the plan follow any particular time-line or phasing for implementation? Did it consider dealing specifically with the various spatial (areas) of the city? ? Was there any clear direction of an implementation strategy? ? Who is financing or paying to implement the plan? ? Are there any particular findings that you find creative, unusual, or interesting? ? Can you produce an assessment on the quality and appropriateness of the plan in light of the stated vision, goals, objectives? and ? As an optional question: Can you identify any particular approach or method that the plan has used (rational comprehensive method? Transactive, advocacy..Category: Academic paper, Best Essay Writing Services-UK

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