Inclusion Plan Develop an Inclusive Community

Inclusion Plan Develop an Inclusive CommunityProject descriptionDescriptionApply your knowledge of inclusive community development by analyzing a community of your choice, evaluating its characteristics and creatively designing a strategy that demonstrates an understanding and sensitivity to the diverse interests, skills and constraints of the targeted population and utilizes resources and assets within the community to improve inclusivity.ExplanationThis assignment is highly individualized and is designed to empower students to prepare an inclusion plan for a community that matters to them. Open communication with the instructor is paramount throughout the process to receive support and guidance. Professionals in the tourism, nonprofit and recreation industries are often tasked with the responsibility to 1) improve participation among x group, 2) reduce conflict among x group, 3) increase diversity among staff, 4) educate x group about cultural characteristics, etc. Each one of these requests would involve developing an inclusive community or what is often referred to as a diversity initiative. The most culturally competent communities/organizations are those that intentionally embed diversity and inclusion strategies throughout all aspects of the community/organization. However, the scope of this inclusion plan can be a broad-based strategy, or it can address a specific issue.Inclusion Plan ContentStudents will create a plan to develop an inclusive community of their choice. The plan will include:a.A general description of the community. Include relevant information. (Example: If the community is a nonprofit organization, identify the mission, vision, goals, etc. If the community is an industry such as Airlines, identify purpose, description of service, etc. )b.A detailed description of the people or groups of people served by the community.i.Demographics, strengths, skills, attitudes, constraints, facilitators, cultural history, etc.c.An outline/map of the specific assets and resources including physical space, supplies, and organizations, etc.i.Identify name of the resource and its specific value to the community.d.An explanation of the need to develop inclusivity. Identify the issue, attitude or discriminatory action, etc.e.Outline specific strategies and approaches to developing inclusion. Include specific tools and resources to be used in the process.i.Keep in mind that developing inclusion is a process that continually evolves. The plan needs to include strategies that are achievable and sustainable.f.Identify intended measurable outcomes. How will you know if the plan is successful? What are the indicators?g.List of referencesInclusion Plan DevelopmentStudents are expected to use a variety of sources to gather information about the community, remembering that demographics are only a small portion of the information needed. Conduct a literature review, read books, review blogs, watch documentaries, complete an asset map, interview people, conduct a survey, etc. Document what you learn from gathering information by creatively displaying it in your plan. Example: Share a quote you gather from an interview. Include a chart you find. Include a questionnaire as a tool. Develop a strategy based on recommendations in literature, etc. All sources MUST be cited within the report and listed in your references.Inclusion Plan StructureThis is an academic assignment and therefore quality collegiate level of work is expected. Students may use a format of their choice that best fits the type of plan created. It is expected that the end product be a professionally designed product. Use the Balsz Community Scan report. See Project Resources. Appealing reports use: clear and concise language, bold headings, images and charts, color, text boxes, etc. :

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