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According to Aquino (2005) importance of computer application is increasing day by day. Nowadays we can?t stop the innovation technology help us from living. Lacks of enrollment system in schools can lead to chaos ant troubles? as stated by Ace Adrian (2011). Students will be confused on what they should do to be able to enroll that is why such systems is extremely useful in the way that it retrieving vital information of the students. Without it can lead difficulty both the administration of school and student in enrollment processes. Many countries nowadays especially the developing nationsIncomplete related Literature are challenged by the rapid technological changes. This has radically changed the living and working styles of the entire society. This transformation has been driven partly by rapid technological innovation. In the 20th century saw the rise of the industrial revolution with steam-powered machines intensifying and expanding human productive power the 21st century was characterized by the birth of machine-powered flight and the human creativity even more made possible new ways by which humans could live and work together( Victoria L. Tinio 2002) . Transformation of manual enrollment to a automated and now into web based automation is one example of what has driven partly by rapid technological innovation. Technology innovation had influenced man?s work from data processing business transaction research planning and monitoring. Web applications are popular due to ubiquity of its application. Significant advantage of building a web application to support a standard browser feature is the ability to perform as specified regardless of the operating system installed on a given client (Bacala & Reanno 2009). A web- bases enrollment system has featured that meet most of academic institution system?s needs and requirements. This includes standardized modules for students registration enrollment grade management and payment that are necessary to operate a school.”

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