Independent Reading Response Fight ClubChuck PalahniukIndependent Reading Response Fight ClubChuck Palahniuk

First Reaction: The novel was intentionally confusing and hard to follow due to its nonlinear structure. It was thoroughly enjoyable and upon completion it generated many questions in my mind, as well as thoughts of my own life and the decisions I make. Feelings: Fight Club excited me, scared me and even angered me. These emotions were not negative, simply pure and raw. The scenes of fighting and mayhem caused me to become angry and excite, while the interaction between Tyler Durden and the main protagonist (he has no name in the novel) caused me to think about my life and my own social position in it. Perceptions: The main protagonist is a insomniac, who works a fairly average job as a car wreck analyst for a major motor company. He needs a release which he initially discovers in clinics for those with physical and mental disorders. He meets Marla Singer through these clinics and finds that she can be no part of them if they can still be successful in helping him. It is at this point he meets Tyler Durden, a film projectionist, waiter, and owner of a small soap company, The Paper Street Soap Company. The protagonist loses his apartment in an explosion and moves in w/ Tyler. Together they form Fight Club, a secret after hours boxing club in the basement of a bar. Tyler meets Marla and she becomes a regular resident at the home of the protagonist. Fight Club soon turns into Project Mayhem and works it way out of the basement of the bar and across the nation. The level of mischief increases, the number of members sky rockets, and Tyler becomes a god. The soap company is run by members of Fight Club 24 hours a day and is simply a front for their true operation of Project Mayhem. The novel climaxes when the protagonist realizes that he himself is Tyler Durden, that he as split personalities. Tyler is simply his means of escape, his mental projection of the way he wants to be. It is in his insomnia that Tyler is b…

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