Individual Assignment Report Format (must following this structure)

Individual Assignment Report Format (must following this structure) 1. Executive summary 2. Table of content (with page number) 3. Introduction: you need analyze the Background of your chosen country , Reasons for investing in your chosen country , and Purpose and outline of report 4. Political Economy Analysis -What is political economy? -The significance of using political economy to analyse your chosen country ?Comparison of three systems put the Political Economy Analysis Table here Country: Political Economy Analysis BENEFITS RISKS COSTS Political SystemEconomic SystemLegal System4.1 Political system -Benefits -Risks -Costs 4.2 Economic system -Benefits -Risks -Costs 4.3 Legal system -Benefits -Risks -Costs 5. Recommendation 6. Conclusion Country?s attractiveness for foreign direct investment 7. Reference list Note: APA in-text referencing should be used throughout the report. Size 12 font (Arial or Times New Roman) and 1.5 line spacing. You are required to submit this assessment electronically through Turnitin. Please provide a softcopy of the report with coversheet. The word count of case study analysis is 1200 words +/- 10%.:

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