Individual Reflection

Individual ReflectionProject instructions:Course book:Hall, D. E., & Feldmeier, J.P. (2012). Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers and Individual Freedoms (2nded.).Chapters 9 (First Amendment Freedoms of Expression, Association, and Press), 10(Religion and theConstitution), and 11(Substantive Due Process, Privacy, and Other Liberties)Write a 3-4 page response paper focusing on 1 part per Chapter of the readings you found mostinteresting and can be linked to a specific current event related to the US Constitution. These examplescan be traced to newspapers, magazines, journal, articles, and/or books. You need to include anintroduction and thesis statement in the paper. It is ok to use first person. The use of ?I? is perfectly OK.Basically, you?re finding something interesting in each Chapter, which there are three Chapters, writingwhat is interesting about it and relating it to something that is current today.!

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