information policy and governance- solution to internet filter debate in Australia [?]

Topic:information policy and governance- solution to internet filter debatein AustraliaDescription: [?]Preferred language style: English (U.S.)Note: please if you could provide me with the report and the presentationInformation Policy and GovernanceYou have to analyse the Internet filter debate and present a novelsolution. You then have to write a report and make an onlinepresentation for the senator which should not exceed ten minutesexplaining your plan the reasons why it will work.The ProblemThe government has come under pressure to ban websites coming intoAustralia perceived to be harmful to the nations people. This?cleanfeed? strategy aims to put a filter in place than will stopharmful and/or illegal sites being viewed based on agovernment-mandated blacklist. The links show at the bottom of thisdocument, that there has been much public debate about this issue.As part of the government?s Cyber Safety policy the Minister wasresponsible for testing, implementing and rolling out the filter. Themain strategy is outlined below: can access media coverage about the filter issue from a collectionof opinions and articles found on the Internet here: (Some of thesemay contain words or phrases that are inappropriate, viewer discretionis advised). should give you enough background to begin analysing the problem.ScenarioSince 2007 the government has been in power with mixed results. Due todeclining popularity, the government wants to score points with thepublic. This is where you come in.You run Super Awesome Consulting, a consulting firm that helps largeto medium enterprises organise their information strategy. The companyis most famous for creating useful information resources, such asknowledge management solutions for complex organisations. During thetime that you have been working for them, you have learned a lot aboutinformation policy and how to make it work. You worked on a case studyrecently that was widely circulated in the media about the effects ofMySpace on teenage girls. You found patterns of use that raisedconcerns for parents about the nature of social networking sites likeFacebook, MySpace and so on.The story was reported on 60 minutes and you were interviewed. YouConfidently stated that MySpace was a haven for illegal activity andyou cited several instances of behaviour that is deemed as sociallyunacceptable. You also made brash statements about social networkingin general, which presented the many of issues in a negative light.Little did you know that the Minister for Internet development andassociates were watching the show.An Internet lobby group calling themselves ?FilterNot? came on afteryou showing the problems with blanket website filtering in Australia.They Discuss (check for the help you need)ed the issues from a technical point of view, citingproblems with the idea of filtering, ISP cooperation and so on.It?s an election year. This means that the government is scratchingaround trying to buy votes. They have received a lot of negativebacklash from lobby groups since they started this plan and areworried. They want a new answer.Your mission is to present a completely new solution to the Ministerthat outlines a way of managing the filter problem. You have theoption of using any number of technical, non-technical, social,political or legal options at your disposal. The one thing you can?tdo is tell the Minister to use a filter. This filter idea has made himunpopular and he doesn?t want to use a filter. Don?t tell the Ministerto use a filter. You have to come up with a way of managing theproblem. Your answer must be supported by good creative thinking.The Minister is waiting. He only has twenty minutes to read yourdocument and he wants a solid plan. He is informed on the Internetfilter debate perspectives so you only need a brief statement showinghim a workable fixed solution that isn?t the filter.Policy Proposal (1000-1500 words)In this part of the assessment you have to expand on the key issuesand create a report (short report format only). The report will coverkey issues from multiple sides of the debate and present the Ministerswith a recommended solution to the debate. You have to keep theMinister?s attention so introduce the problem very briefly and focuson your solution.What do you have to do?1. Present a report to the Minister that outlines a solution to theproblem of the internet filter. You must not simply say ?filter theinternet?. You have to create an interesting new idea that works, ithas to be legal, but you can?t suggest what they are already doing.2. You have to show the Minister a workable solution. He is alreadyaware of the debate, the stakeholders and coming into an electionyear, he wants something to sell to voters.3. You are free to use any combination of ideas or concepts asalternatives. But you have to adequately defend your answer.The easier you make it for me to find these things, the better chanceyou have of getting a good grade.PresentationYou will be required to present your findings to the Ministervirtually because he is super busy.1. You have no more than ten minutes. Be brief.2. Outline your solution as an action plan.3. Justify your solution with evidence and reasonable argumentResources,,24975071-15306,00.html,23739,24902335-5012475,00.html,netalert-filters-not-given-a-chance-webroot.aspx,conroy-expands-isp-filter-tests-to-examine-p2p-and-bittorrent-traffic.aspx,conroy-goes-back-to-school-on-internet-content-filters.aspx,isps-keeping-compliant.aspx the ACMA is a regulatory body. It polices things. The DBCDE isthe actual department where the Minister sits. is from 5 years ago:,130061744,120278513,00.htmA directory of internet censorship: Technology

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