Inmates medical treatment

Inmates medical treatmentInmate medical care is one of the most important issues you will deal with as a top administrator. This is a complex policy arena with some very passionate stakeholders involved on all sides of this issue. California has been one of the highest profile states and is under "management" by a court master who reports to the judge regarding progress in court order compliance. This has created a lot of friction and litigation between the DOC and the court system. Everyone has an opinion on inmate medical care and many of those positions are uneducated. This is an area where the head administrator (you, hopefully) will be involved in personal testimony and often personal liability. Don?t take an upper level job until you understand the issues involved in inmate medical services. For this week, please discuss what you feel are the parameters of and key issues involving medical care. Make sure that you address at least one key medical case not including California in your discussion. How do you balance the issue of how much medical care one provides inmates. Why do they have a right to medical care?!

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