Instructional Design Models Kelly Moss

Topic: Instructional Design Models Kelly Mossrefelctive summary of the instructional design model you started working in groups last class. Complete the rest of the design and go through the following checklist:(a) Are learning objectives presented near the beginning of the lesson?(b) Are learning objectives specific and observable?(c) Is the presentation of content made interesting with a variety of media or through an engaging treatment?(d) Does the program provide a variety of interactive exercises?(e) Are learners given the opportunity for practice?(f) Is feedback on practice immediate and specific?(g) Does the program include a post-test or other final assessment?Include the folloiwing in your summary:With reference to your model:1. What is the most important phase in ADDIE ? Why?2. What is the most difficult phase in ADDIE ? Why?3. Does the concept map help you in brianstoring for ideas? How?(You can download and install a 30 day trail version of concept map software from this site: )Refer to Kelly Moss?s paper on ?Instructional Design Models?Reflect on the limitations of ADDIE model and the advantages of Dick & Carey and Kemp models.

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