inter-cultural communication

inter-cultural communicationI mentioned in the syllabus that you can select any topic at all as long as it?s related to intercultural communication. However, I would like to see you do a paper on one or two movies that deal with intercultural situations, and/or cross-cultural communication. I provided you with a reading about Outsourced (cannot use this movie because it was our example) to use as a guide in analyzing a movie based on intercultural communication, and gave you a link to a website with a lot of movies you can choose ( There are other movies as well.In your paper, describe the situations that demonstrate 1) intercultural communication, 2) cross-cultural misunderstandings, 3) cross-cultural cooperation, 4) significant progress (personal growth) by a major character or characters, 5) situations that could have been resolved more easily with good intercultural awareness, 6) any other issues you can think of. You can compare one movie to another, or focus on an in-depth analysis of one film:

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