intercultural online self-presentation

intercultural online self-presentationfirst write a Bibliography in APA format which contains 20 references.second, You need to write a Review of Literature on intercultural online self-presentation. You do not have to write a position paper or make an argument or a claim. You just simply want to review what the publish literature says about your topic.For a Bibliography of works on Culture and Online Self Presentation:1) there is no page limit2) I would include 20 citations toyou can write this paper by following the format below(this is provided by the professor).(a) Self Presentation as a general model (Mark Leary?s book?) ? you do no need much here, you may use this as a framework you introduce early in the paper and the narrow down the rest of the paper to our specific topic(b) Specific strategies or ways in which people Self Promote public images (Self Promote, Being Likable, etc.); OR Cultural differences in self presentation in general ?(c) Cultural differences in Online Self Presentations (which is the bulk of our review paper you write next month)?..

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