interest or issue related to the emergency services,

Research an extant topic of interest or issue related to the emergency services, (i.e., the reasons for and the uses of a ?Code of Ethics? or a ?Code of Conduct?). Your topic must be approved by the instructor by week 5 of the class. Your paper must present your research, your analysis of the issue, and create a solution or model which could be used to address the issue. The paper should be between 10 and 15 pages of content (not including title page, abstract, and reference page).You need to include in-text citations and references in proper APA format. Your paper needs an abstract, an introduction that lists sub-topics (or themes), subheads for each sub-topic, and a conclusion that summarizes key findings. You should have at least three strong academic references from peer-reviewed articles in the online UVU library (if you are not sure what this means, be sure to let me know). In addition, you may use quotes from your interview in this course (Paper #4) as a reference.Refer to helpful links here and in course syllabus.

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