International Accounting

International AccountingAdditional assignment to demonstrate learning outcomes at Level 7:Write a 1500 words critical review on book chapter or articles selected for you by your course teacher.These cover the field of International Accounting,is below:1) Saudagaran, S.M. (2009) International Accounting ? A user perspective 2ndedition, South-Western ? Cengage Learning.Chapter 5 ? Using Corporate Financial Reports across Borders. ?Show me the Money? ? Page 159(1) Summarize what you see as the major themes and/orarguments in the chapter or article,(2) Develop key issues for criticism(bothpositivepointsofpraiseandmorenegativeconcernsorworries),possiblyusingrelevantbriefquotationswhereappropriate.Whatisyourreactiontowhatyouhavereadbasedonyourexperience,thereadingofotherliterature,andwhatyou havegenerallylearnedaboutthetopiconthiscourse?(3) Beawarethatyouareexpectedconnecttowiderreadinginreactingtotheargument(s)ofthesettexts,demonstratinganadvancedlevelofunderstandingofkeyperspectives,theoriesandconceptsthatinformcontemporarynotionsoftheparticulardisciplineinquestion,aswellasdemonstratingan in-depthcriticalawareness.Youwillneedtoreferenceatleast6otherrelevanttextsineachreview.Youmayusethefollowingpromptstostructureyourreaction:? Aretheideasputforwardexpected?Challenging?New? Logical?? Aretheyconsistentwithwhatyouknoworwithyourwiderreading?? Doyouagree/disagreewiththeargument?? Doyouthinkthearticlehasanypotentialapplications?? Has it changed your thinking about the topic and its application in 21stcenturyorganizationsinanyway?(4) Thestyleofthereviewshouldbalancedandcriticallyconstructive.ImaginethatyouarewritingforajournalsuchasTheEconomist.Yourtaskistotellthereaderwhywhatyouhave readmatters,orwhyitclaimstomatterbutdoesnotinfactachieveitsends.Youneedtohighlightwhatitsays,whatisnew,andwhatthelimitationsare.You are required to write 1500 words (each) critical review on the three book Chapters. The latter cover the field of International Accounting and are listed below:Book:International Accounting ? A user perspective2nd Edition, South-Western ? Cengage LearningAuthor ? Shahrokh M. SaudagaranChapter 5 ? using Corporate Financial Reports across Borders3. ?Show me the Money? ? Page 159Instructions:In writing your review, please abide by the following pointers:1. Look for originality of thought, thoroughness of case analysis, persuasive argumentation, consistent of case or article paradigms especially Positivism, Triangulation, Mundane realism, Randomization and Validity.2. Summarize the major theme or arguments in each Case3. Develop key criticisms (both positive and negative) giving concrete examples or quotes from the case.4. What is your reaction based on what you read on your experience and what have you learnt from this case.5. Be aware that you are expected to connect to a wider reading while analyzing your arguments and demonstrate an in-depth critical awareness. You will need to reference at least 6 other relevant texts in each review.You may use the following to structure your reaction:? Are the ideas put forward in the case changing or logical? Do you agree /disagree with the argument? Do you think the case has any potential applicationThe style of your review should be balanced and critically constructive. You imagine you are writing in a journal ? you need to convince the reader that what you wrote matters, did it achieve its ends?, what is new and what are the limitations?Final comments:Your review should be developed along a coherent and well-documented analysis. Your conclusion should effectively integrate and close your arguments and tie together all elements.The review should not only display qualitative critical analysis but also demonstrate critical thinking and originality in examining ?the thinking behind the thinking? by raising important questions beyond relying on what you have read from the case.!

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