International Law and Politics

International Law and PoliticsRead: Evan M. Brewer, ?To Break Free from Tyranny and Oppression: Proposing a Model for a Remedial Right to Secession in the Wake of the Kosovo Advisory Opinion?, 45 Vand. J. Transnat?l L. 245Write a critical academic review of this article. Your review should identify, explain and criticise the author?s main argument and sub-arguments.NOTA BENE:? your critical analysis should be based on academic arguments (deriving from academic literature as well as your own analysis so long as your arguments are academically grounded)? critical review need not be negative, it may also be positive (praising the views of the author)Word Limit: 1200 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.ReferencingAll quotations from, or use of other writers? work must be properly referenced- that is, you must give the author, title, and date of publication of the work concerned, and the page or section number of the passage quoted or cited. Reference style should remain consistent throughout each submitted essay.Your answer should be properly referenced using the Oxford Referencing System (OSCOLA) see should include a full bibliography at the end of your work.Word LimitYour word count must appear at the end of your work.Do not exceed the word limit in relation to your answer by more than 10%

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