international trade

This paper is about issue of any kind of international trade. It should be included graph, picture, and references but makes sure it should be at least 6 pages with words. The objective of this course is to provide future decision-makers with a systematic understanding of critical aspects of the international business environment. We examine the forces driving toward globalization ? the integration of national business activities into globally competitive markets. We also look at forces that maintain differences between countries and regions. The course begins with the economics of international trade in goods and services. International trade is a key driver of global integration. We study the role of comparative advantage as a determinant of the location of production. Other important aspects of trade that we will explore are factor endowments, scale economies and market structure. Finally, we investigate the reasons for and effects of government policies that influence flows in international trade for the benefit of its citizens. I recommend that you keep up with current developments in the international business environment, both for class purposes and for your own benefit. You can do this by reading the relevant articles in a good newspaper (e.g., Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times) or weekly magazine (e.g., the Economist). You are encouraged to bring up current events for discussion in class, as time permits.Here is outline for paper It must be type-written, double-spaced, using one inch margins, with a simple twelve point font. You may append the articles you drew upon at the end of the paper. The topic for the paper must relate to the material covered for the course. For example, the first topic addresses why countries trade. It provides three plausible theories that explain trade. You may find a set of articles that discuss trade patterns for the current era and ties an explanation to one of the chapters we cover ? comparative advantage, Hecksher-Ohlin, or monopolistic completion. Your efforts should focus on making the connection clear and explaining how the articles succeed in their explanation. You want to provide clarity in understanding the topics and tying it directly to the course. The emphasis is one of application and analysis. Apply the theory to a real world example(s). Does it fit? How well does it fit? Does it fit poorly? How might you modify it to improve its fit? Do the articles you depend upon for your paper do a good or a poor job in applying the theory? What was excluded that should have been included? How well do writers know what they are writing about? Or, are they, perhaps, ignorant hacks? Do not be an ignorant hack. Be an educated reader. Show me what you are.Please reference An Introduction to International Economics. Kenneth A Reinert. Cambridge Univeresity Press, 2012. this book with chapter 3,4,5,6,8.:

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