Internet LawYour client is a f

Internet LawYour client is a fashion design company, which has traded under the ?StrittCred? name since 1961. StrittCred has become a highly desirable and prestigious label amongst consumers, particularly in the UK ? handbags, sportswear, fashion accessories and perfumes are in high demand. The managing director of StrittCred, Christina, has featured in well-known talk shows both in the UK and in the US. She is also a regular speaker at national gala events. Such is the demand for StrittCred?s limited edition goods that they now fetch as much as ?20,000. The usual price range for StrittCred?s goods are between ?2,000 and ?12,000.Christina recently discovered that a Google search using the term ?StrittCred? not only displayed a link to her company?s home page but also a number of ?Sponsored Listings?. One link displayed an advertisement ?Fake Street-Cred Drunk Eyelashes?. Users clicking on the link were brought to the home page of EasyPeasy Ltd, a UK based designer of youth fashion wear and accessories. Another link had a sponsored advertisement under the heading ?Glamour Street-Cred Perfumes and Jewellery?. Users who clicked on the link were brought to the home page of StrittCred?s competitor, the equally well-known fashion design company ? ?Glamarni?. Glamarni?s home page has the ?look and feel? of urban credibility, style and prestige. These are attributes customers have long associated with StrittCred. Glamarni?s products are normally priced between ?1,500 and ?8,000.Finally, Christina noticed the auction site eBay hosting sales of fake StrittCred products as well as a number of second-hand StrittCred perfumes and fashion accessories.Advise StrittCred on potential legal claims it may have in trade mark law.!

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