Interpersonal Deception Theory

Interpersonal Deception TheoryI need 3 full pages with actual writing besides reference page. This paper will be a section in my research paper. This is the ?Theory Analysis? section of the Interpersonal Deception Theory(IDT), which I?ll post it for you to read too. I dont want you to summery or cite anything from the ?IDT? file, I want you to read it and ONLY use the sources I upload named ?Resources? files to find evidence to support the IDT theory which based on the other file named ?Six Standards?. The whole idea is to find evidences to prove the IDT theory is a good OBJECTIVE theory, and a good theory need to fit the requirements of ?Six Standards?. To make it clearer for you to write the paper, this is how I want you to do exactly: For example, one of a standard out of those six is ?Explanation of Data?, you need to use sources I provide to find evidences to prove IDT fits the standard, and states reasons. And so on for other standards. You need to show how the evidence relates to IDT that fits the standard. Make sure to understand the ?six standards? clearly and ONLY use the provided sources, its very important, DONT use other sources I didnt provide. Also, it is fine to have maximum 2 standards that IDT doesnt fit into. Which is you can prove at least 4 standards that IDT fit, and 2 standards IDT doesnt fit, give evidence and show why/why not.!

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