Interview of Education in the 1930s

1) When and where were you born? I was born the 12th of October, 1919 in Lincoln, VT. Five generations of Purintons have been born and raised in Lincoln. 2) Do/did you have any siblings? I had two brothers, John and George. John was five years older than me and George was three years older. John died a couple years ago, but George is still alive and well and living up in West Lincoln making maple syrup. 3) What did your parents do? My father worked up in the woods clearing land and he also helped out on a farm. My mother mostly stayed at home and cooked and cleaned, like most women did in those days. She would often get together with the ladies from town to bake and sew while sharing the latest gossip. 4) What were your daily chores? I remember getting up around 5:00 every morning to go outside and get wood for the fire. There was always plenty of work for us kids to do. The boys always did the hard labor, for example, the wood. The girls mostly stayed inside, helping their mother with whatever chores she needed to have done. We only had three boys in our family, so what I remember about what girls did is based on what our friend Carol Ann Rose told us. Carol was two years older than me but she was really good friends with all three of us. 5) What was a typical day like? Well, like I said, every morning we would get up at 5:00, especially when it wasnt a school day. No school meant that there was more work that needed to be done and we needed to get an early start on it. One thing that our parents taught us was to spend time with God every morning and that was the most important thing. After our morning quiet time we would have a warm breakfast, although some were much bigger than others. We didnt have a lot of money growing up. I remember spending a large amount of the day in school, then coming home and doing chores until dinnertime. Dinnertime was followed by time we spend reading or liste…

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