Intro To poetryProject descrip

Intro To poetryProject descriptionI.Paper two will be an interdisciplinary analysis of one poem of your choice. This poem will have been written after 1700 CE, creating the option to write on anythingfrom an ancient poem to an early modern work. Length and Format RequirementsA.2-3 PagesB.MLA, APA or Chicago format is acceptable (most students choose MLA)C.All papers must be submitted as .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word) files.D.All papers must be submitted in the drop box titled Paper 1 Drop Box on, or before the specified due date.II.ProcessA.Select a poem that is interesting to you1.If you plan to use very short poems (such as Haiku, or selections from the Tao Te Ching), several poems may be used to lend necessary substance to the paper.2.If you plan to use a very long poem, or epic (such as The Odyssey), select specific passages for your analysis, so as not to make your workload too heavy for a shortpaper.B.Select a theme in the poem that is transferable, or has meaning beyond the poem itself. Examples:1.Political Philosophy in vs. 3, 17 & 80 of the Tao Te Ching2.Romantic Love in a Shakespearean Sonnet3.Leadership Qualities in selected passages from The Odyssey4.Gender roles in American Colonial PoetryC.Make a tentative argument (thesis statement, or claim) that references both the poem and the theme. Ex: Verses 3, 17 and 80 of the Tao Te Ching illustrate thephilosophy that any government will best achieve its goals by being less authoritarian and more harmonious in its dealings with the people.D.Conduct some research in support of your claim.1.Use the library databases ( JSTOR and Ebscos Academic Search Complete (check boxes for peer-reviewed content and full text on Ebsco) are thebest.2.Find peer-reviewed articles (1 or 2) that are related to your theme and claim.3.Remember that these sources do not need to be about the poem just the theme.E.Make an outline that references both the poem and the article to establish an organizational plan for the paper.F.Write the paper! (In proper format)G.Include the following elements:1.Short Introductory Paragraph (last sentence of this is the thesis statement)2.Organized body texta.Cite the poemb.Cite the additional source3.Conclusion (This is not a restatement of the introduction. Conclusions and introductions are different, just ask the dictionary!)!

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