Introduction to Communication- Self-Awareness-repost

Project descriptionThis is what the discussion was about, you will give positive feedback to a classmates reponse on this. Describe to classmates two diffrent roles that you play. Two might be employee and parent. Then explain which of the ?four selves? from the Johan Window that you tend to display more in each role. Why is this? Example: Your hidden self is much more prominent at work as an employee; your open self comes out with your childern. (explain why.)Keep answer to 15-20 sentences. Here is Bill Hire?s reponse: This is a heady topic?one that we can explain through religion, philosophy and through faith?but do we have souls? WHY DO I ASK THAT? WELL as we look at the Johari window?we have to at least approach the subject of the soul. So lets get to it? Do we exist beyond our bodies? What is the measure or a man?or woman for that matter, and how do we see this in the media and society? I will refer to my favorite television show of all time Star Trek the next Generation?The episode I am providing is the Measure of a Man in which case Data, the android, is defined as wither alive of property. I would like you to watch this, and then comment on does this apply to people? All people, despite race, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation etc. The link is Tell me, people tend to say that conservatives like me are racist, I disagree. I believe in people, all people, we all are part of one race, the human race?a spectacular race with minds, hearts and souls. So lets dicuss, do you agree with the judge? What so you think?!

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