Introduction to criminal justice

Introduction to criminal justice. 2-3 pages or 500-650 words essay assignment that I observed in the( DEF) courtroom and was surprised to realize that 15 cases processed in an hour at Northmoor Municipal Court, Judicial Circuit. You need to look at the most Issues or cases processed, give comment or examples how the justice system dealing with cases during trails and the how the courtroom organized to receive and hear the cases faster.Introduction:Municipal court judges (magistrates) hear misdemeanor criminal traffic cases such as driving under the influence of alcohol, hit-and-run and reckless driving where no serious injuries occur. They hear civil traffic cases, violations of city ordinances and codes, and issue orders of protection and injunctions prohibiting harassment. They can also issue search warrants. They DO NOT hear civil lawsuits between citizens.I have contacted Northmoor Municipal Court, Judicial Circuit, in order to find out the times and days that cases could be attended to hear from the judge in the courtroom? So, on Friday, I attended the court,??. ..

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